Best Employers Engagement Series

Pillars of Engagement

Working with our partners and organisations, who have previously taken part in Best Employers Eastern Region, we are delighted to bring you advice and support that will help you to continue to develop employee engagement within your organisation.

Here at Pure, we know that employee engagement is a journey. Whenever you think you have ‘nailed it’, the goalposts move and the expectations and responsibilities of leading a diverse workforce within today’s ever-changing economic landscape is no small feat.  That’s why, Best Employers has successfully supported over 280 organisations to date in developing their culture and employee engagement, enabling them to improve retention, productivity and recruitment.

We have compiled a number of resources, offering advice and inspiration to help you to continue developing your culture. Please click on the links below to read the advice.

Values and Purpose

A lot has been said about the power of having a clear purpose, going beyond your organisation’s goals or ambitions to the deeper reason about why it even exists in the first place.

But how is purpose different to a company’s vision? How does it impact on company values? And how can it improve employee engagement and set the tone for an organisation’s culture?

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Employee recognition and Incentives

Building a strong, stable and resilient workforce is an essential element for the future of any business. Having the right reward and recognition schemes that drive and re-enforce your organisation’s culture and engagement sounds obvious, but less easy to achieve in practice.  

Austin Brydon from award-winning Beckett Financial Services offers his insight on the matter.

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Develop your Managers

Engaging managers focus their people and give them scope. They treat everyone as individuals and coach and stretch their people.  Investing in and developing these skills in our managers takes real effort and will pay dividends. Christina Youell, from People and Performance and our esteemed Partner who facilitates Pure’s Women’s Leadership Programme, shares her valuable insight into how to develop your Managers.

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Health and wellness

Creating a workplace culture that supports people’s mental health is good for business and great for employee engagement. Jon Neal, CEO of Suffolk Mind, shares his expert insight into how to combine business productivity with the optimal mental health of your employees. Suffolk Mind is an amazing organisation whose mission is to make Suffolk the best place in the world for mental health.

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Teamwork and Giving Back

Encouraging your employees to support their local communities is not only great for your organisation’s CSR, but it’s also great for developing a culture of teamwork and collaboration.  Our Best Employer partners, Birketts and their brilliant, caring people, take their collective social responsibility very seriously and last year they distributed over £200,000 to local charities, cultural and community projects.  Here Birketts share their approach, which combines creating great teams whilst having a positive impact on their communities.

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Creating well-defined roles

When analytics company Gallup explored what aspects of people’s work lives were the biggest drivers of their performance and engagement, the statement which came out on top was simply: ‘I know what is expected of me at work’.  How this has changed, within our new world of remote working and self-isolation, remains to be seen.  However, employee engagement is even more important at times like these as it centres around people feeling fully connected to their role and to their organisation, and for that connection to be established people need to be completely clear about what is expected of them.

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We all know the importance of open and honest communication in our personal lives. But some employers forget how important it is to avoid leaving their employees in the dark about aspects of their business or future plans. Doing that can lead to low employee engagement and, worse still, people losing faith in the company they work for.

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Workspace and environment

Studies show that employees who are happy in their work environments are more productive, less likely to leave and also take less time off sick. And giving them some control over how, when and where they work – for example being able to work from home some days, choose where they sit when they’re in the office or go to private areas or breakout spaces if they need to – also boosts engagement.

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