Celebrating the region's leading employers

Best Employers Eastern Region is truly about celebrating the best in our region– the awards give us the perfect opportunity to do just this. After the survey closes, organisations are automatically entered into the awards process. To make this process as fair as possible, the participants are divided into large (50+ employees) and small (15 to 49 employees) with awards given in each of the categories listed below. The winners are announced and presented with their awards at an awards seminar.

The Best Employer overall winners:
So what really makes an organisation ‘The Best Employer Eastern Region?’ The survey allows us to bring a little science to what might seem a subjective judgement - these awards are presented to the organisations that have the highest overall score on their survey. It is the combination of all the component parts, the sense of having ‘all the ingredients in place’ that distinguishes the 'Best Employer'. This award is made to both the large and small company categories. 

The Customer Focus Category:
Maintaining and retaining client relationships is key: particularly in today’s difficult operating environment. The award recognises organisations that go the extra mile for their customers and their needs. Good customer service is recognised and rewarded.

The Employee Engagement Category: 
An organisation that looks after its employees finds that morale is likely to be high and success is much more likely. Organisations for which employees are happy to work – and would recommend to their families and friends – cope well regardless of what circumstances may throw at them. There is an emphasis on honesty and openness within the organisation; people are trusting and encouraged to be fair with each other.

The Innovation Category:
One way to carve out a niche for an organisation in difficult and competitive times is to have something genuinely new to offer. The ability to innovate and to harness the creative talents of its staff can be a huge advantage to an organisation. By encouraging original thinking and recognising and valuing creativity - innovation is promoted.

Congratulations to the 2016 Best Employers Eastern Region winners: