Accredited 2023

Best Employers 2023 - Platinum


Judges comment:


"An organisation with employee engagement at its heart. The company has invested significant time and considerable resources to enable all its employees to reach their potential.


It's a role model to which other organisations can aspire."

Global Chair

Judges comment:


"Global Chair have made significant progress across a number of areas having used the feedback from their previous employee survey to shape their strategy and enhance their employee offering. From developing a clear purpose, vision and statement that is communicated and lived through annual and quarterly objectives to having a commitment to Employee Health and Wellbeing as well as their strategy for employee development and training."


Judges comment:


"An innovative and people centric organisation who have provided considerable evidence of how Best Employers has supported their people strategy. We were impressed at the clear correlation between previous results and how you have continued to turn the dial by implementing progressive and inclusive initiatives and policies."

Indigo Swan

Judges comment:


"Judges were impressed by the way in which Indigo Swan have integrated their values into everything they do from customer service and experience to the way in which people are developed, managed, led and rewarded.


It was clear throughout that Indigo Swan really do place their people at the heart of what they do, Happiness First, one of the core values, has meant that the engagement and wellbeing of its people is always front and centre of the running of the organisation."

IPRS Group

Judges comment:


"An excellent, carefully crafted application from an organisation who have clearly evidenced long-established progressive, inclusive and innovation people strategies.


We were impressed at how the business has adapted, evolved and invested in its wide range of culture and engagement strategies as well as managerial training in response to significant growth over the past two years, with a large proportion of the workforce being remote. "

LSI Architects

Judges comment:


"It's very clear that LSI is a values-led organisation as this filters through every aspect of their business activity.  The team is very aware of the impact that it has on its customers, as well as within communities and the wider environment in which it operates.  The business is taking positive steps in terms of its approach to inclusivity.


LSI recognises that its people are fundamental to its success and, as a result, has made fantastic efforts to ensure that the business retains and rewards its employees appropriately."

Orwell Housing

Judges comment:


"An exceptional application demonstrating considerable evidence of the organisation putting people at the heart of everything it does.  The content enabled the judges to form a clear view of the impact of the wide range of engaging initiatives on the culture of the organisation.


Great to see such a focus on employee wellbeing through innovative ‘Wellbeing Roadshows’ including events such as ‘Tasty Tuesday’, ‘Wallet Watch Wednesday’ and ‘Midlife MOTs’. 

The judges were particularly impressed by the multi-faceted approach to reward, which we acknowledged could be challenging in the not-for-profit sector."


Judges comment:


"We were really impressed with the time and effort invested by Policybee in developing its approach to flexible and hybrid working, along with the measures that have been put in place to promote collaboration and team-building. These things have all been combined with the proactive approach that is taken to wellbeing and the Company’s commitment to the welfare of its employees. 


We could see how much Policybee embrace engagement and how they use Best Employers as an effective tool to improve the overall performance of the business.  Well done, Policybee!"

Power Testing

Judges comment:


"We were impressed with the comprehensive and holistic focus being given across all areas. The introduction of a Strengths Based Culture has clearly impacted across many areas and has helped to build an open and trusting workplace. Power Testing’s approach to people development is demonstrated from day one and continues throughout the employee life cycle.


The anonymous employee comments from the survey demonstrate the sense of purpose, well-being and fun that is clearly felt as a result of Power Testing's strartegy. There is a clear appreciation of the benefits gained by taking part in the Best Employer Programme and an acknowledgement that being a Best Employer is always a journey of continual improvement."

Suffolk Family Carers

Judges comment:


"Platinum accreditation is well-deserved by this inspirational charity whose mission is to ensure that family carers are visible, valued, supported and connected. The CEO invests time getting to know her employees in order to understand their skills and experience, as a result of which individuals appreciate their unique strengths and recognise the contribution that each of them makes. Feedback is used proactively as a tool to ensure continuous improvement and effective working."

The Thalidomide Trust

Judges comment:


"We were impressed with how Thalidomide Trust have developed  a clear ethos and values that underpin all they do as a charity and how their employees are connected to this purpose and have a sense of pride in the work they do.


Thalidomide demonstrate a commitment to their employee wellbeing through open communication with regular one to one meetings for staff and managers meaning there is clear support, open and honest feedback to ensure that staff are not overwhelmed with workload."

 Best Employers 2023 - Gold


Judges comment:


"Axter have made great progress in developing their strategic approach to involve their employees taking into account their views and ideas. They have a belief that all companies have a responsibility to act in the best interests of our climate and communities and they demonstrate their commitment to doing that through their approach to ESG which gives back in a variety of different ways.  The Judges also love the face that the new office environment had made such an impact on collaboration and cross team working."

The Big C

Judges comment:


With an organisation spread over many sites, the Big C has focussed on creating a strong sense of belonging for all its employees and volunteers.  The judges were particularly impressed by the way in which new employees are introduced to all aspects of the Charity.  A great place to work where culture is central to engaging the whole team.

Britten Pears Arts

Judges comment:


"A strong application with lots of relevant information. They used the detail from their survey results to illustrate people’s feelings about working for the organisation. 


They have a comprehensive set of action on EDI which would have been further enhanced by some data showing the results achieved as in the recruitment and retention section where there was some great data to illustrate the results achieved."

Cambridge Enterprise

Judges comment:


"The judges were particularly impressed by the way in which proactive communication is embedded within the organisation, helping its leaders to deliver a high level of engagement through knowledge-sharing. Its focus on learning is impressive, allowing each employee to reach their potential."

Centre 33

Judges comment:


"We were impressed by the diverse and inclusive team at the core, driving engagement across the whole organisation. The provision of both internal and external training resources is notable.  There is no doubt that the charity’s high level of employee engagement has led to excellent outcomes for its clients."


Judges comment:

"We were impressed by the way in which a high level of engagement has been maintained through a period of rapid growth.


The leadership’s investment in software has clearly paid dividends, linking individual goal setting to the organisation’s overall objectives.  Clearly a great place to work."


Judges comment:


"We were impressed with Endomag’s approach to the changing workforce challenges, particularly the way in which they have embraced a trust-based approach to flexible working.  Alongside this, the company has introduced additional wellbeing policies and initiatives designed to help its employees achieve a work/life balance. 


Their approach to inclusivity is well-established and they invest in training their managers to support diversity.  The main theme that permeates their application is their trust in their employees, which - in turn - leads to a high level of employee engagement."

Lovewell Blake

Judges comment:


"A well written application that was compelling and rich in content, demonstrating clear evidence on how the firm puts people and culture at the heart of its decision making. By adopting a regular employee survey, leaders have a good understanding of how colleagues are feeling, being proactive in addressing concerns and the implementation of new ideas. 


You provided good evidence that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is high on the leadership agenda, and we were impressed by the progressive wellbeing strategies in place. Your commitment to providing support and awareness to neurodiversity, colleagues that identify as LGBTQIA+, menopause, bereavement and mental health really stood out."

ML Financial

Judges comment:


"Following on from Best Employers 2021, ML Financial have significantly developed their employee engagement strategy.  Listening to their people has become key, demonstrated in their “you said, we did”, continually working on the culture and teamwork – “we are all in it together” and the introduction of 20 minutes with The Directors.


Their have invested in their employees personal development with the introduction of personal development plans, signing up to Thriving Workplaces to ensure they provide a positive and psychologically safe place for their employees."

Omega Ingredients

Judges comment:


"Omega’s approach to innovation and purpose have seen them develop unique ways of collaborating together, clear lines of communication and where every employee understands the role they play in the organisation’s growth and success.


There is a strong emphasis on employees showing their creativity and where support to build resilience empower employees to effectively manage challenges and thrive in both their personal and professional lives."

Pickering Group

Judges comment:


"An excellent application with lots of really strong evidence of the work undertaken to date and proposed further actions. 

There were lots of great examples of creative and innovative engagement and wellbeing activities which clearly pay off as reflected in the fabulous retention rates. It was great to see the use of the data from the survey of new starters as evidence in recruitment and retention.


The extent of charity work undertaken is amazing and it is clear that the company is on a journey to extend its ESG activities which is really positive to see."

Premier Education

Judges comment:


"We were impressed with how Premier Education have embedded and aligned their 10 values, entwined in day to day behaviours and process as well as how the values have shaped their business strategy. Employees are encouraged to feedback and have regular discussions with line managers. 


Premier Education have shown creative ideas and initiatives to engage their employees and show flexibility in working hours and how work can de delivered differently. Employees are encouraged to have three focus hours a day where they can concentrate on key outcomes at a time that suits them."


Judges comment:


"The Partners’ desire to ensure that every employee feels valued and belongs was very apparent from the Firm’s application.  As a result, they have embraced a model in which hybrid and flexible working is central in order to meet the needs of their team. Their people-centre approach is also clearly visible in their commitment to learning, development and personal growth."

Scrutton Bland

Judges comment:


We commend Scrutton Bland's commitment to creating a deep sense of belonging, connection and pride within its workforce.  Many and varied tools are used to create these things to include open communication, clear career pathways, well-being initiatives and recognition programmes. Particularly notable are their ‘Project Me’ framework, which is central to their strategy and is used to support personal growth and professional advancement, and their commitment to plan more than 300 trees each year to offset their carbon footprint."

Stratagem IPM

Judges comment:


"The manner in which success is celebrated in this business is really impressive.  Employees are empowered and their achievements are recognised through their ‘Strategem Stars’ initiative through which colleagues nominate each other and the results are publicised in the monthly company-wide meetings. Their engagement results are directly attributable to its open culture and the deliberate decision to share information with everyone, along with the importance placed on teamwork and the creation of a supportive environment. It's employees certainly have a voice."

AF Group

Judges comment:


We liked the way in which the organisation commends those members of its team who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating its values through its ‘AFtastic Awards’.


The organisation was recognised as Employer of the Year at the Norfolk Business Awards in 2022 and continues to build upon this accolade and the solid foundations that have already been laid through the commitment of its leadership to training and the development of talent, resulting in the creation of an environment in which its employees are able to thrive."

 Best Employers 2023 - Silver


Judges comment:


"We were impressed to see that Amarinth involved its employees in the development of its values which help guide day-to-day decision making.


The ESG strategy is impressive and incudes elements such as an electric car scheme and charging points but also has beehives on site. Local charities and schools are part of the mix with work experience being offered to three local high schools and sponsorship of the Woodbridge 10K an ongoing commitment."

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

Judges comment:


"This application highlighted the personal connection of many employees to the charity and demonstrated that there is a real feeling of colleagues being part of #TeamArthur. 


There is a good range of wellbeing support being offered to employees including complementary therapies and restorative resilience supervision as part of a wider development programme with Hospice UK. There was also evidence of the charity being at the heart of the local community through collaborative working with other local organisations."

Cambridge Building Society

Judges comment:


"This application showed good evidence of adaptation to reflect the changing nature of the workplace with the transformation of working spaces to facilitate greater colleague collaboration and flexibility. 


The society’s inclusion forum, ‘Unity’, demonstrates a clear awareness of a whole spectrum of factors (including microaggressions and neurodiversity) that can prohibit equality of opportunity. From a ‘Giving Back’ perspective, the 'Rent to Home' scheme is impressive and reflects the society’s ESG strategy mission statement."

Exim Group

Judges comment:


"Exim prioritise communication, collaboration, a positive work environment and strive to ensure that they maintain that commitment throughout the business. Employees are encouraged to discuss issues openly and to maintain respectful communication with each other. Managers are attending mental health first aid courses and as part of their B corp journey. To encourage a positive working culture, Exim take many opportunities to make people feel welcome and included such as newcomer and birthday lunches, social events and activities."

Green and Purple

Judges comment:


"Creating a collaborative and supportive working environment for its employees is key to Green and Purple. They have embraced concepts like flexible and hybrid working and operate in a high trust environment where people are given the freedom to choose how and where they want to work. We were pleased to see the emphasis on wellbeing being maintained through a period of rapid growth. Green and Purple take a continuous improvement approach to learning and development and encourage all employees to reach their potential."

Lighthouse Group

Judges comment:


"The importance of employee well-being and psychological safety is at the heart at Lighthouse and judges were impressed at the lengths they go to to establish this. They loved the idea of Sally the wellbeing officer - a gorgeous patterdale terrier who is always available to lift people’s spirits. Even as a small business, Lighthouse pride themselves on how they are able to offer tangible and intangible rewards to their employees and to also give back to their local communities. We were impressed with the sentiments expressed by employees and loved how every success is celebrated by the team."

Judges comment:


We were impressed with the Macquarie's customer focus, which is emphasised by creating a solid foundation of trust with the customer base. We particularly like its vision in establishing a work life committee, which supports its initiatives in wellbeing, charitable work and the generation of ideas from across its team.  All of these things serve to create a strong sense of belonging for its employees."


Judges comment:


"We were impressed with Morplan’s approach to inclusivity and the measures they have taken to accommodate the needs of individual employees to include building a prayer room. They have clearly invested a great deal of time in their Reward Strategy, which has resulted in a workforce that feels valued and is recognised for its great customer service. We were also delighted to see the structured career development opportunities that they offer, which has impacted positively on staff retention."



Judges comment:


"We were impressed by how MS UK share and connect their sense of purpose with all new employees and how they utilise external speakers to continue to impact and engage with their team. MS UK clearly measure diversity well and judges were impressed that training was then careful tailored to the needs of the team rather than adopting a one size fits all approach.

We also liked the commitment from MS UK to continue their journey of improvement and the acknowledgement that the Best Employer programme directly and positively impacted their service users."


Judges comment:


"This application highlighted some excellent data in terms of both business and people results. There were examples of specific initiatives and interventions eg the concept of the Head Office being seen as the Support Office; Feel Good Friday; strategy conversations and bespoke development actions."


Judges comment:


"Smithfields have made great progress across many areas and we  were impressed at the importance that is placed upon the employees voice being heard and acted upon. The attraction, retention and progression of employees is impressive with more than 45% of the current workforce having progressed within the business in some way. Using psychometrics to support individual development and tailoring developments is clearly supporting this approach. Celebrating the success of their people is an important part of what makes Smithfield Foods a good place to work. Their commitment to their local community is evident and we noted the important and positive impact that can be gained from establishing relatively small initiatives, such as using a local social enterprise company for business catering."