Every journey starts with the survey

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Once you’ve signed up, your first step will be to review the survey and decide if you’d like to customise it. You can add your own bespoke questions to the first section.

You’ll need to decide on the best time to run it, between March and July 2023. We advise a four-week window is best. Plan your communications to ensure your employees are motivated to take part.

When your survey’s up and running your employees complete it online. To help them be as honest as possible, it’s completely confidential. Our partners eras – experts in psychometrics – have designed it specifically to capture all the data you need to monitor and evolve your workplace culture.

How it works

The basic survey has three parts.

  1. Your employees: This is where we gather information on each person’s job level, salary band, location, length of service, etc. It’s completely anonymous – we don’t collect individual names or anything that could identify people. You can also tailor this section.
  2. Your organisation’s priorities: Here we ask questions about your employee’s opinions on your business’s key priorities, how you communicate, and how they feel about the learning and development opportunities you offer.
  3. Your culture: This section investigates how your employees see and feel about your organisation’s culture and values.

Make it your own

We know that one size doesn’t always fit all. So the Best Employer’s survey is completely customisable. You can change the number of questions you want to include, for example – send out a quick five-minute survey to take your organisation’s pulse, or put together a more detailed 20-minute questionnaire for a deeper dive. Use it as your main source of employee engagement monitoring, or combine parts of it with your regular employee surveys. The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide, you’ll have full-time support from a Pure consultant.

Getting your results

In early August, you'll be able to access a tailored report summarising their feedback and opinions on your culture, values and leadership style.

You’ll also receive an action plan telling you what (if anything) you could work on. And we’ll send you benchmarking data so you can see how your results compare to other organisations in your sector and region.

In August, we'll let you know if you are eligible to apply for accreditation.  

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