The survey

What is the Best Employers Eastern Region Survey?

The survey is entirely online and confidential assessing your people’s perception of communication; customer focus; quality; leadership; team work; your range of benefits; the physical environment; company values and innovation. What’s more it is completely free (the survey is normally charged at £2,000) and it is open to all organisations within the Eastern Region. Taking no longer than 15 minutes for employees to complete, there are three sections:

Section one: This section is about your employees, including job level, salary banding, location, length of service. This section can be tailored to your organisation.

Section two: This is fully customisable to any business and should include pertinent questions relating to key business priorities. It already includes a number of core questions relating to communication and learning and development opportunities and you can build in your own questions that reflect your organisation.

Section three: Culture and Values. This section is all about how your employees perceive its culture. This data is used to benchmark your organisation to the region as a whole and the questions are the same for every organisation.

You can access your own organisation’s report at any time; with full regional benchmark data.

Why complete the survey? We already have one!

There is no better way to find out the true perception of your organisation, than asking your employees. Add in a survey that is confidential and run by an impartial, and external, organisation means that employees will answer honestly. And, if you use the results as part of your strategic review, you will increase employee involvement:

  • Employees feel valued
  • Improving internal communication
  • Boosts morale

Furthermore, Best Employers Eastern Region can be integrated into existing culture surveys as a true benchmark against other organisations and peers in the region.

Best Employers Eastern Region is now closed. For further information please contact or Download our brochure