Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the survey start and end?
A: The official start date is April with it finishing on 31 August 2018. However, once you get your logins for The Psychometric Portal® you are able to start immediately.

Q: Where do I start and how do I get my company involved?
A: We have produced a number of materials to help you get started, check these out:
Best Employers Welcome Pack
Key Facts Infographic
Posters – Megaphone 2018Countdown to your sayAre we winnersTime is running out.

Q: We have our own survey; can we use some of our existing questions?
A: Yes - the front end of the survey is customisable, so you can add/edit/modify the questions.

Q: Do we have to wait until the end of the initiative in August to run the report?
A: No – you can run the PDF report or download the data at any point.

Q: We have a number of people who do not have access to a computer, what options are available?
A: We would either recommend bringing them into the office to complete or printing out a paper-based version for them to answer the questions. For the latter option, someone will need to enter the scores back into The Psychometric Portal®.

Q: We have people outside the region who we would like to be included. Can we do this?
A: Please speak to eras ltd about the different options available.

Q: I am a bit daunted by the idea of designing and creating an organisational survey. What support do we get?
A: Someone from eras ltd will guide you through designing and creating the survey. At the end of the call (usually a ½ hour), you will be raring to go.

Q: We did the survey previously, what do we need to do?
A: You need to contact eras ltd or Pure so they can register you as a Best Employers participant and make the relevant changes to your Psychometric Portal®.

Q: I am worried about the results of the survey?
A: Until you really identify your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, you cannot come up with solutions to improve.

Q: We have no chance of winning, why bother with the survey?
A: The initiative is much more than the competition. You get the chance to benchmark your business against factors related to success. Your report will act as a foundation stone for change.

Q: In terms of the survey, can we modify the number of questions to make it shorter?
A: Yes - for each culture scale (Clarity of Vision, Motivation etc) the default is 6 questions for each one. However, you can change the number of questions right down to 1. However, to maintain the reliability we recommend keeping the survey between 4-6 questions per-scale.

Q: If we modify the survey length, can we still be benchmarked against companies with different numbers of questions?
A: Yes - don’t worry our systems will recalculate your scores to ensure fair and even comparisons.

Q: We noticed that there are other psychometrics on the system (360°, personality, aptitude etc). Do we have access to these?
A: You have been given free credits to try out these other tools for recruitment or development. Please contact eras ltd for more information.

Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes - the survey and reporting are completely free of charge. We do not slip in any costs at all.

Q: What is in it for organisers?
A: Apart from fantastic PR plus opportunities to meet new clients, the initiative allows us to really understand what makes organisations ‘tick’ across East Anglia.